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Why your organization should consider us a potential partner in the management of your Upstream Oil & Gas assets:

Our team of dedicated professionals, collectively, have:

  • Managed over SIXTEEN THOUSAND producing wells, EVERYDAY, for over the last FIVE YEARS!
  • Built, managed and efficiently adapted database and software platforms for various organizations and asset bases.
  • Processed and extensively technically evaluated, EACH YEAR, over 1,500 Well Workover AFE’s and 600 plus New Drill Well AFE’s.
  • Managed Land documentation & database coordination/processing covering over SEVERAL MILLION gross acres across diverse producing regions of the U.S.
  • Managed accounting processing and coordination (Revenue & JIB & Royalty related) with over 150 Different Operator and non-operator partners.
  • Provided structural guidance and implementation through complicated Corporate and Debt restructuring involving Multiple Hundreds of Millions of dollars.
  • Provided extensive and highly respected internal and third party coordinated Reserve Evaluation processes.
  • Coordinated information requirements for third party annual auditing and tax accounting processes.
  • Uncovered and recovered TEN of MILLIONS of dollars of incorrect prior billing and ownership errors.
  • Managed gas marketing & royalty disbursement processes for multiple thousands of wells.
  • Documented and managed Reserve Base Loan facilities with major energy lending institutions.
  • Developed and managed Corporate Reporting processes and documentation.
  • Managed asset monetization (sale) processes both internally and through third party divesture processes.

From LAND to ACCOUNTING to ENGINEERING to CORPORATE REPORTING to RESTRUCTURINGS to SALE PROCESSES, we have efficiently, professionally and successfully managed them from A to Z.

Management Team


Brian Shannon – CEO

Lori Byrd – VP Land

Joseph Nguyen – VP Accounting

Elizabethann de Leon-Maestas – VP Engineering

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